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be constructive and positive and see how that goes...i bet it'll go over a lil' better.

i will say this. it is a L2P issue.

some classes have better burst, some can heal...

pvp is a team concept, and i believe Merc is probably the closed to a well put together class than most others.(because it fits my playstyle).

get over your inability to play the class successfully, or to its full potential, and reroll a faceroll class or FoTM.

^that's all it boils down to.
Hi Assasin!

I think there are some great BH Arsenal people that make it work, id love to get better and would love for some god BH Arsenal player show a video (from past 1,2) how they play, it doesent have to be perfekt or your team win, just to se how its done. If possibly with commentaries. This is not sarcasm or something, i am lvl 47 BH Arsenal and think its fun class so just wanna be able to see and learn. Its alot writings weather the specc is gimped or not, so something of use wouldbe great,

best regards