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There were times early on during leveling I had to solo an elite boss or champion in a heroic and it was one of those close calls. I was two levels higher than them. It was a great challenge and I loved it. I sure would hope it was like that at higher levels but it's not. Look, we all know the social part of this game is out the window. There are far too many kids that play MMORPG's and they ruin our experience. In World of Warcraft, I would get "your mother is a ******" for asking LFG. That's the type of community we deal with in MMORPG's as of late. Socializing in these types of games is done. I'm a long time gamer from the early 90's and I've seen communities get thrown away because of it.

To sit around and be ignored or nobody wants to socialize and come to a medium on doing group quests, then what is the point? Oh yea, get guildies to help? Shouldn't get to that point if you ask me. I've met a lot of nice people and made good friends by asking for help. Again, those days are over now.
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