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05.20.2012 , 03:33 AM | #1

The cost of removing mods, armoring and enhancement are ridiculous right now. This is up there with paying ridiculous amounts of credits for repairing as we had in the beginning.

I get a piece of War Hero gear and I have crafted one with an augment slot. I have to pay over 300k, more for weapons, to replace the items into my crafted gear.

I don't even understand why we have to pay anything at all, it's bound to me and I can't sell anything except for the meager mats I would get for REng it.

If I HAVE to pay then lower the cost by 90%, right now it's at ridonculous levels. OR increase the credit winnings in pvp so by the time I've earned a new piece I have earned the credits to replace the enhancements.

I guess this might be solved by the augment slot kits but and emergency fix is needed in the meantime.