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Historically speaking, as in right here on planet Earth, this kind of cutthroat political backstabbing and power plays existed during some of the most famous portions of Western history. In particular I'll refer you to some pop culture based on historical fact. The television shows "Rome" and "Borgia." Both about periods of history in which the rich and powerful held immense power and tools such as assassination, bribery and political corruption were bywords. Yet some of the greatest artistic, architectural, and literary achievements of Western society were created during each of these times. The person who referenced Niccolo Machiavelli was right on the money.

As for BW creating a game in which everyone playing a Sith is forced to be EVIL with a capital E, my Sith Inquisitor is decidedly amoral rather than immoral. She makes her decisions based entirely on practicality, and rarely kills unless it gets her something. She's a selfish creature, and if it's in her best interests to foster loyalty rather than simply killing, she'll do it. And the text is there in the game for her to do so if you wish.

It's entirely on the player to decide if they want to be bad for the sake of being bad, and boy, do a bunch of my guildies do that. You aren't required to, and I tend to think that there's probably quite a few Sith bright enough to realize you can achieve a greater power base when you selectively shelter your minions rather than brutalizing them. And that's what made the societies above successful for many years.....they offered things like coliseums and gladiatorial combat for the masses to watch in the heyday of the Roman Empire and public festivals and religious spectacles during the height of the Italian city states. I bet the vast majority of the Empire is, if not happy, then quite content with the status quo.