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i bring evidence, you bring closed-minded, unwillingness to accept the class is VERY the right hands.
Of course it is playable in the right hands. But with those very same hands you could do better with another class. This is so blatantly obvious. Yet people will always point at a high Merc dps score and exclaim, "See, nothing is wrong!". I've scored 750k in damage with a Merc Pyro. But that was on a toon geared better than any other PvP toon on ANY server. Period. That is nothing compared to what my Marauder can do. With 4 pieces of BM (all armor, none weapons) and full Recruit everywhere else, I've scored 580k (damage + heals) while using no adrenals, no PvP consumables AND while entering midway through the match.

Play balance isn't proved by the existence of a single player who can light up the scoreboard with a given subclass. It is about each subclass fairing equivalently when they are piloted by players of equal skill. And that is not happening right now.