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05.19.2012 , 11:26 PM | #18
I agree Wolf, I also wish they would portray the weapons alot more accurately. The thing I hated about Battlefront II was the fact that they either recycled weapon models and portrayed them wrong...along with the classes....The PC Version has the luxury of having mods that fix that.

Like the Chain gun.....NO ONE SHOULD HOLD A CHAIN GUN LIKE THAT......except maybe a wookiee. Your supposed to hold it underhanded like the Trooper does in TOR or like the Clones do in TCW. I mean it just looks cooler.

Also...I think the Heavy Trooper should get a Blaster Carbine instead of a pistol. It would be more powerful than the pistol, but not as powerful as the Trooper's Blaster Rifle.

Also...visually....Don't rip off the movies like BF2 did....I HATED that. I was wondering...Why is COMMANDER Bacara the Heavy Trooper, while the Galactic Marine GRUNT was the Commander....also Why are they 501st Classes......Their totally different Battalions.... >.< (PC Mods fix that so well)

Also...MELEE...I WANT MELEE. I get tired of shooting droids and they run up to me and I can't smack them with my rifle. I'm not talking knifing people like Call of Duty....But rather swinging the blaster like a club.....sorta similar to what Cody does in TCW Movie on Christophis.