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I think the main problem with Empire is that its hard to see connection between Siths, Emperor and rest of the population. In the original Star Wars Emperor looked more like scheming power player that tried to rule with fear, greed and bribery.

The TOR version is more like a Nazi Germany where whole society is mobilized for war. Problem is that while its easy to understand what Siths and Emperor believe its hard to understand what the general population believes in them.

Dark Side should obscure and twist things I think. Its about betrayal and dark deeds but when Siths are ruling class it bounds them to some morals or ideas. If it wouldn't population would not believe anything in them. I see that being truly evil would require Siths and Emperor not to reveal their true nature clearly. Instead they should work through others and only come forward publicly when needed. This way they could betray and twist much as possible.

Infact I'd expect Siths even hide true nature of war and twist in a way Republic would have started it. For evil bastards the Siths are bit too straightforward.