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Well, It was coming I knew it after Aion how this play out, After Titan MMO landscape changes again, but theres big chance Titan makes a dam and water doesnt flow. Thats a problem. Elder Scroll Online is last huge IP before Titan.

Are you sure about this, as far I know, first money goes to LA, then LA gets 10%, before EA start to get anything.
Just a minor correction. At this time, LA gets 35%.

Now then, ultimatly the life of TOR is in the hands of LA as any added content has to get LA approval to even be developed. If at any point in time LA decides that TOR isn't working like they want, expect anything pitched by Bioware to get stonewalled and EA would not be able to do anything about it.

Same thing happened to SWG, which is why it went so long without any new content.
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