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Based on what I've seen in this game (not necessarily the extended universe), I agree with you 100%

The game makes it seem that every single Sith is deceiving someone else for greater gain. Surely, that isn't the case... but even if it was, you're right: there is no way such a society could continue to function.

I feel that the game tried a little too hard to force Sith to be "bad guys." Even "bad guys" have reasons for their actions - it seems most of the Sith characters I came accross on my Sith alt are evil just to be evil.
Sith do scheme and plot against one another constantly. There are constant power plays as the Sith Culture is driven by the Dark Side which naturally fosters an innate sense of competition. You have to be strong to stay in power, once someone thinks himself stronger he will go after your position, if you are not able to defend this position, you were not worthy of this position.
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