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I can't see characters unless they get in a certain range of me(they appear out of no where like they are stealthed)But it happens when they are on mounts or walking.

Computer specs

i7 920 @ 4.0 6gb ram(going to 12 soon)
2 gts450's in SLI with an 8800gtx OC2 for Physx(doesn't matter for this game, but takes the load of 3 monitors off of my swtor cards)No I am not running the game in surround. I am using a 32" LCD for gaming

160x 768 60hz everything is on high or very high settings.

I have been told it's a feature of the game, unlike WoW(I haven't played it so I don't know) We should be able to see friendly and enemies before we are getting arse ***** by them!

Wonder when they are going to fix this issue?
It's the equivalent of graphics lag, it's not much of an 'issue', because it's more dependent on internet connection.
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