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And FPs certainly don't accomplish their goal of getting people geared for Tier 1 raiding. It is much better to actually do the T1 raids to get T1 gear and ignore FPs completley!

So completley agree with the OP - reason for doing HM FPs would be nice
This. Back in January when I first hit 50 and was the last of our raid group to do so, we cleared story modes and I got tons of gear. Since then I've done a few HM FPs and do not see the point of running them. The gear isn't worth it, the gear currency isn't worth it, and most of them take too long to run anyway. [sidenote: realizing this made me appreciate even more how warcraft backed off the long dungeons of cataclysm with the twilight dungeons, which were far more compact and quick than the launch dungeons or the Zuls.]

As for HM LI... ouch. We know we aren't top tier players (we've completed HM EV & KP, part of story EC, everyone is in columni+) but all of us have raiding experience and put forth effort to playing well and we haven't been able to finish HM IL yet. Because our players know it will likely take over 2 or 3 hours to get through it they don't even want to start it anymore. None of the earlier FPs will help us gear better for this one either, except maybe HM KUS. /sigh