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More and more I am coming to believe that MMOs are where IPs (Intellectual Properties) from other mediums go to die.
  • MXO: (Shut down) The last we will probably ever see or hear of the Matrix universe.
  • STO: (Currently F2P) the last vestige of the discarded "Prime" Star Trek timeline.
  • DCUO: (Currently F2P) The last of the old DC Universe before they discarded it.
  • Other IPs. I know there are a few more, just can't bring them to mind at the moment.
  • Now, perhaps, SWTOR: George Lucas has already said he will not make another Star Wars movie. With the exception of some "expanded universe" media and this game, this IP has passed. Everyday we see people on other parts of these forums begging BioWare to do more to keep us playing. Sadly, EA has made their investment back and then some. They no longer have to care.

I think sometimes that not being a creative force in the IP makes the MMO company not care so much and having sold out, the originators of the IPs lack the creative control or no longer care either. So the IP is used to make loads of money selling games and subscriptions until the last drop of blood is gone from it and it is truly and finally dead.
yeah defently not where they go to die.

1. Matrix. yeah that was never going to be as big of an IP as star Wars or Star Trek.
2. The Prime universe died back with Star Trek Enterprise. But the overall Star Trek universe is going on strong with a hit movie and a sequel on the way.
3. DCUO ehhh the comic book universes reboot themeseleves several times. DC however is still going strong. Also wouldn't Arkham City be the last game in that version of the unvierse? anyway DCUO is a HUGE hit now since it went F2P. Course the big reason it went F2P was the sony hack. Shutting down your MMO for 2 months just after launch is an easy way to kill your playerbase.
4. We've already had 1 Star Wars MMO and that didn't kill the IP. As far as lucas and movies he said there would be no Episode 7 8 and 9. When he dies or just changes his mind we could still see new star wars movies. Just probably not sequels. Perhaps an Old Republic movie? Plus you have TCW and the new live action star wars show if that ever comes out.

But serieoulsy saying the Star Wars IP has passed is just insane. It's probably stronger then ever with an entire new generation of fans watching it on the big screen for the first time.

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