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Really I mean no one trusts anyone,everyone is out to get everyone, muder is rampant and secretly encouraged, the proudest moment of a Teachers life is when their student tries to kill them, and even when surrounded by hundreds of other Sith each one stands alone.

Really how could any Society not only Exist but at some points in time Thrive? Not to mention the fact that they some how achieve Cities and galaxy wide space travel and super technology.

Just seems a bit far fetched for me i've read every book from The Dark Nest trilogy to Apocalypse and it still dosen't possible to me that they have ever managed to bring their society out of the dark ages lol.

P.S. Im a bad spell but I dont care
Based on what I've seen in this game (not necessarily the extended universe), I agree with you 100%

The game makes it seem that every single Sith is deceiving someone else for greater gain. Surely, that isn't the case... but even if it was, you're right: there is no way such a society could continue to function.

I feel that the game tried a little too hard to force Sith to be "bad guys." Even "bad guys" have reasons for their actions - it seems most of the Sith characters I came accross on my Sith alt are evil just to be evil.
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