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Really I mean no one trusts anyone,everyone is out to get everyone, muder is rampant and secretly encouraged, the proudest moment of a Teachers life is when their student tries to kill them, and even when surrounded by hundreds of other Sith each one stands alone.

Really how could any Society not only Exist but at some points in time Thrive? Not to mention the fact that they some how achieve Cities and galaxy wide space travel and super technology.

Just seems a bit far fetched for me i've read every book from The Dark Nest trilogy to Apocalypse and it still dosen't possible to me that they have ever managed to bring their society out of the dark ages lol.

P.S. Im a bad spell but I dont care
The Emporer. He's the only thing keeping the Empire together. Without him, the Dark Council would dissolve and each Darth stake their own claim on the throne and fight to the death for it, or even retreat and take over entire star systems and declare their own empires. He's the most powerful Sith alive and as a result, the one Sith every other Sith is piss-pants afraid of.