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The Group Finder daily quest for Hard Mode Flashpoints in Game Update 1.3 gives Black Hole Commendations.
Dont get me wrong thats great for my my two alts at 50 but my main is gaining black holes fast, my concern is that other than ear and implants which are weird stats by the way i had to buy foestopper and pummerler for my sentinal. The actual gear 1. Doesnt carry a set bonus .. so im not getting any yet im just saving bh comms verses my rakata. 2. Stats also seem a little weird.
3. Currently we are all just waiting for the last boss in story EC to drop campaign. And thats how we are gearing up becuase campaign has a set bonus.

My point is that as motivation we only really need 105 BH commendations which we are getting from EC story mode full run. Its gunna be nice for my new level 50 chars.. as now i never need to do dailys for rakata ear peices :P i just go straight for the BH implants and ear peice on new 50...

Personally i liked the vehical rewards, ive still to do them all and its a nice long term goal.

Just for the record on my low level alts new players tell me all the time for groups for like early on essles.. and i personally dont think players should have to be forced to tell random players at such an early level especially if they are solo players, ie no guild or friends in the game, so i just wanted to mention that group finder is a great idea and much needed regardless of whther people will keep doing flashpoints at end game or not.