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We've been clearing both 8m and 16m since it came out and we've got over 150 members in the guild who still actively play, as the GM I can say that 8m is just a joke and putting together and ensuring that all players in a 16m group is much more challenging.

I've been leading guilds and playing games into end-game content for over 6 years now. I started this guild as a simple 8man group and we had 8 players who had 5+ years experience in MMO end-game, eventually we got bored so the challenge for us was to merge & absorb as many guilds we could on our original sever Jekk'Jekk Tarr which we did and now we run a successful 16-man group.

8man or 16man you still need coordinated players and a well executed strat, otherwise you will not be progressing anywhere in this content.
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