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Just a quick question since I don't know for sure where to ask.

Republican classes that use blaster pistols as main guns can use Imperial pistols and vice-versa?

In other words... If I make an imperial bounty hunter, will it be able to use my scoundrel pistols and vice-versa?
Didn't know the GOP had much of a presence in a galaxy far far away... Who knew? :P

I kid. And yes, technically. But you have to remember a few things. First, anything you equip on one character will be bound, and un-tradable to the other. So you can't use a pistol, out-level it, then send it to your BH. Though you wouldn't want to if you could, because Smugglers use Cunning and BH's use Aim. They are two varieties of pistols, just as there are Cunning rifles for Agents and Aim rifles for Troopers. To use one that isn't designed for your class would be a waste.

Now, what you CAN do, is take un-bound Custom weapons from one faction, and send it to your character on the other faction. Prior to 1.2, whether you believe it or not, I found this gem on the Republic GTN. It was crafted by an Imperial, and somehow got an augment slot pre-1.2. Don't know how. But you'll notice the description says, "Exceptional", NOT "Augmented" like augmented custom gear post-1.2. At the time, I believe it was one of a kind... Anywho, the above example is technically a BH weapon that I have now turned into a custom Smuggler weapon. I highly recommend Two-Fingers Revenge for those that want to rock the dual revolvers (prior to finding it, I had only ever seen a main-hand version of the gun the smuggler uses in the Return trailer).

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Hi Gassygunslinger and all Smugglers in here!!

I need some help, I'm fully PvP battlemaster Enforcer gear and now I'm having a hard time understanding which War Hero I should go with? The Enforcer kit only has one gun, and I'm a gunslinger so do I have to select the Tech gear?? I gun wield 2x blasters, the only other gun in the Enforcer kit is the Shotgun and I don't have that skill

What's the difference in between Tech and Enforcer?

And What's the difference between Rated and non-rated?

Can anyone help me figure this out? I would hate buying the wrong gear

Well, I've found that the set bonuses (to abilities, not stats) from Enforcer set tend to favor Scoundrel. Field Tech seems to be more for Gunslingers. However, Enforcer and Field Tech are both DPS-y, and probably not a huge difference between them if you exchange a piece here or there, so long as you get the 4-piece set bonus on one set. Hell, I go with 4 pieces of Field Tech (for the set bonus), 1 piece of enforcer (because I like the hat with the partially covered face), and field medic pistol (because the other pistols look far too dorky to even consider).

And the only difference between rated and non-rated gear, is the rated gear is orange. It's just a more "prestigious" color variant to show people how many ranked coms you can stand to grind. And apparently orange was prestigious. Who knew? :P
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