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05.18.2012 , 05:19 PM | #6
I thought I would add to this as I feel what my guild has experienced is relevant. We run a balanced raid. By balanced, I mean we have 2 warriors (juggernaut and marauder), 2 inquisitors (sorc and assassin tank), 2 operatives (sniper, agent) 2 bounty hunters (power tech and bodyguard merc). Our warriors have been the last to get any measure of upgrades to rakata level gear. To the extent of our ops/bh/inq gearing up through 2 HMs each.

The biggest reason we went with this raid comp is that we figured people would have a 50% chance of getting gear specific to their class, when it drops. After 2 months of doing HM EV/KP and SM EC, we finally got a warrior rakata main hand token to drop the other night.

We've tried using a different class for the party leader spot, as well as having different classes zone in first. I understand that the loot is supposed to be random, but when you see inquisitor drops throughout entire raids on a weekly basis, it loses the feeling of it being random. Just my 2 creds.