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So, my friends and I were talking, and we realized that there is no real point to doing flashpoints after you are geared out in all columi. We thought this was kind of unfair because with battlemaster and war hero, all you have to do is play the same thing over and over. Whereas to get rakata gear you need be in an op. So we were thinking that there has got to be a way to make flashpoints useful for people that are decently geared. Here are a couple ideas that we had, please comment on which you think is best or any other ideas and maybe bioware will implement something....if we are lucky.

1. Make a weekly that requires you to do all of the hm fps and have the reward be a vanity pet, or black hole coms, or rakata token, something. It can change each week too, just to make it interesting, and to keep people doing them constantly. (submitted by Arius)

2. Make a nightmare version of the flashpoint in which it drops the corresponding Rakata peice. However to make this a more intersting fight add a new mechanic to the final boss fight so people dont just blow through these easily. (submitted by Katara)
To be honest, if you can get 8 players together there is no reason, loot wise, to do HMs at all. EV story mode is much easier than some HM FPs and you get geared up substantially faster than running HM FPs. Both of my alts I got geared in full columi in 2 weeks from EV and KP story mode runs.

But I do like the two ideas posted.