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Much rather have seen Mandalorian instead of Cyborg.
Mandalorian is a culture, not a species. The overseer of the Mandalorian great hunt is a wookie, for instance, and in other media there are Rodians, Mon Cal, Doshans, and various other species that are Mandalorians.

On subject, though, the races are horrid and not in the least iconic of Star Wars. Humans are humans. Fine, but they're a staple of everything. There were other much more iconic races that had far more screen time in the movies than the ones currently on offer. I don't recall ever seeing a Mirilan, Miraluki, or Rattataki in any of the movies.

The only Twi'leks that had any roles were a throw-away Jedi, a Fat senator, a freaky albino pervert, and Rancor chow. Rodians had more screen time than Twi'leks and Mon-Cals had even more screen time than that.
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