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Excellent guide Iwipe. I was working on one myself, but I see you beat me to it!

Since you're missing info on the Hutta heroics, here's what I have:

HUTTA (Levels 1-10) The Bounty Hunter and Imperial Agent starting world.

Hostage Situation (Level 5) [2+]
Contact: Foreman Rhamm - South East corner of The Old Muckworks (X: -306, Y: 20)
Rewards: Blue Wrist Armor

Hostage Situation Cleanup (Level 6) [2+]
Contact: Foreman Rhamm - You have to complete Hostage Situation to get this mission
Rewards: Blue Boots

The Man with the Steel Voice (Level 6) [2+]
Contact: Geric - In the Evocii Workcamp next to the Medical Droid.
Rewards: Blue Gloves

Factory Recall (Level 7) [2+]
Contact: Gedron Hix - 250m north of the Evocii Workcamp Quick Travel Point (X: -22, Y: 13)
Rewards: Blue Leg Armor (Datacron with a Blue Matrix Shard is in the first mission area)
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