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My approach in this case is to have my first character set up as a gatherer - pulling in resources mostly from the resource nodes in the world, supplemented with Gathering missions.
The excess mats that I gather are sold on the GTN to fund the missions.
Subsequent characters then match up with the crafting skills their early 1 or 2 companions best support, taking the most relevant mission skill plus usually Slicing - both for a little extra credits and for the occasional schematic.
When crafting, I focus on the specific schematics that I want for the characters, rather than trying to do everything.

The approach is not perfect, and I spend less time adventuring than I might like, plus I tend to find that with the exception of my first character, everyone levels at a similar rate... so when I am adventuring, I am leveling 6 characters through the same planet - kind of boring after a while.
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