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There are people who play your game, who don't use the forums. That's fine, they are the ones who aren't really interested in much about the game beyond where their next level/shiny is coming from.

On the other hand, you do get an awful lot of people who do come here for information. Both about existing stuff, and upcoming features and content.

So, why on Earth (or Coruscant) do all updates from the developers and staff go to Twitter first? Not everyone uses Twitter, and you do have staff whose entire job it is to look after the forums. If one of your devs can't figure out how to type an actual sentence and absolutely has to go and tweet about something, why not have your forum moderators translate this into English and post it on here.

That way, those of us who don't use twitter can use these forums for what they were intended for... giving and receiving information about the game.
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