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Ah I do remember that mission and it caused me also trouble. There are indeed several waves that, contrary to other missions, spawn very quickly and do not let you recuperate.

Since you're using doc (which would be my choice too, as it's a long fight and a healer extends your life) what I would suggest is this:

- use your heroic moment as soon as the fight starts (ideally a few seconds into the fight as to not waste any regen tick, but as it becomes hectic fast, a fire-and-forget would get this out of the way and you can focus on killing stuff)

- your priority is to keep the ennemies off Doc so he can heal you primarily (instead of spreading the healing on both of you). Remember to check off his offensive abilities so that he is 100% healing (especially de-activate his crowd control ability that stun the opponent, as himself won't heal you in the meantime. You can do this by right clicking the little green button on the ability icon).

- as soon as a new wave pops, charge/ grab the new ennemies' attention at once, in order to have them focus on you and not doc. You can leave one or two that will hit doc (so that you don't get overwhelmed yourself) but the brunt of the attack should be on you.

- you may be using them already, but a presence stim will boost doc's (and any companion) ability, and also a medpack for yourself when you're low on life.

- as a sentinel, you can throw your lightsaber at one ennemy, then jump on another. That'll make two that are focusing on you. Bump the one you're attacking off the ledge (unfortunately it won't kill him but at least it'll delay it), it'll reset your charge cooldown so that you can jump on a third opponent right away. Once you have the attention of all three, you can start killing them.

- if you've got several ennemies in range you can buy yourself some time with your awe ability that will keep them feared for several precious seconds, so that Doc can heal you some. As the fight is pretty long, you can probably use it twice in the combat, do not hesitate (even just for two or three opponents).

that's about what I can think of. I hope it helps.
Another solution would be for you to wait until you reach 50 to do that mission again.