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I currently play on a PvE server, within a highly organized PvE guild who's primary focus is Endgame content, leaving PvP as merely a secondary after-thought.

In the teamwork portion of my guide, I mentioned that people should find themselves a serious PvE guild, and this is because Endgame Ops are a lot tougher than PvP content. They require a sense of mechanics and procedure that takes some serious effort to master. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with you being in a PvE guild.

Sometimes, people need to be visually shown why PvP gear is better than Rakata/Black Hole within a PvP setting. I suggest doing 1-on-1 duals within PvP zones (or even inside flashpoints) to show the physical difference. Another route would be to use the tough love method, and that is to set grouping rerquirements. If you do not wear PvP armor, then you cannot join the Group.

At the end of the day, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. Our guild has incredibly strict guidelines. You follow orders, or you're out. Plain and simple. Just like when doing PvE. Our guild has 3 Ops groups, and the moment you don't listen to direction, you get kicked from the schedule and sent back to HM's until you can learn discipline. PvP happens to be a bit more lax with us, but due to the rigorous discipline within our Raids, our PvP groups are already tailored to be well-seasoned soldiers.

I wish you nothing but the best in your PvP endevers. Hopefully your guild members get their head out of their backsides and learn how Expertise boosts their stats far beyond their visible capabilities while within a PvP Zone and/or Warzone.

May the force be with you.
Thank you! I love my guild, I've been with it since it had 30 members and i certainly don't plan on leaving it for a pvp guild (which is non existant on my small pve server, anyway). I know the mechanics are there, its really just a matter of getting geared. I'd also like to see my guild start taking pvp as seriously as pve but I know that will probably never happen.

Can we agree that the recruit gear is better for pvp than tier 3 pve gear? I most likely am going to end up dueling everyone who wants to wear pve gear, but hopefully that will prove the point. Although i can also anticipate that they will say im beating them because im a marauder Considering that my hp is at 14k and theirs is around 23k on average i figure its negligible :P

How does teamwork play into voidstar? I feel that warzone is less about teamwork and more about speed/quickly burning through your opponents.

EDIT I just watched the voidstar walkthrough link you provided, which helped (though most of it was common sense).
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