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05.17.2012 , 09:16 PM | #1
I know you said this was fixed or more adjusted but it is still really bad. Third ops in a row where the class we only had one of received multiple drops while the most common class got 1. It is so stupid to have 2 trooper rakata helms drop when there is only 1 trooper in the group. Will you consider changing to just generic armor tokens. Yeah i get it is a time sink blah blah blah. Its bad when our whole guild is just laughing at how stupid the system is. Its a real bummer that we had to waist both of this weeks HM EV and Karragas to literally get no gear for anyone but alts. We actually had not one piece of usable armor drop in HM EV. One Trooper in the group and almost ever piece that dropped was trooper gear or crappy exotech gear. Very similar thing happened with only 1 smuggler in teh group. LOTS of smuggler gear.