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05.17.2012 , 09:11 PM | #2
Right now there seems to be other things that Bioware needs to focus on (like ranked wzs and end game content), but you have some very good suggestions. In fact Bioware has already talked about including pazaak, and I remember the devs saying that they might make colour crystals work with mounts (different lighting) so some of these are spot on. While space combat is a fun minigame from time to time, SWTOR needs something more, and swoop racing would hit the spot. Right now there are no community building mini games and this would do just that.

I have been dying to customize my ship, and they could make some cool editions, like choosing a different ship droid or have your choice of star wars music playing in the background when you get on (I want to hear this sith opera that everyone talking about in game).

I have never though about hangar signs, but that makes total sense, would make spaceports more convenient to get around and they have all of the material in game already. I would suggest this in the weekly developers q&a.