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I run both 16 and 8 man raids, on all content and I can tell you, a big problem with other MMOs is that they are reducing the size of raids and thus increasing the amount of guilds on servers, and too many people completing end game content too quickly. I dont think 16 man is enough people to justify a kill, i would like to see the raid sizes at least double (pref 40). As the GM of a very prosperous guild I am finding it too easy to co-ordinate 16 people and the game is becoming boring for us very quickly.

This is especially the case for Pilgrim, I would like to see HUGE numbers banding together to tackle a world boss that rarely spawns maybe once a week and there being no limit to the raid, maybe just have the boss do a huge AOE so that people that arent involved get blasted quickly. There definitely needs be urgent work done on this as I am seeing too many people leave this game for good due to the lack of challenge being supplied.

I cannot STRESS how difficult end game needs to be, not all of it, just the best gear in the game needs to be earned, not handed out like it currently is.

I have led Ops in other games having 40 people to look after and this game is feeling backwards to me only leading 16, as i am finding 16 people barely need leadership at all. Pilgrim should have been a BIG fight not something that you take 3 attempts and then its dead, then one shotted every five days. Make it unlimited people and put it's head on a stick in town and give everyone a buff, much like WoW did (but obviously not that, coz it isn't Star wars appropriate) back in the day. People want to cheer on Imperial / republic, but they dont, instead they compeat against them. Let's align the factions and get this game where it needs to be.
THIS!!!! End game is far too easy! 40 mans were the BEST in WoW. BRING IN 40S!!!

I know a lot of guilds are having trouble getting 16 players that are up to scratch to get that **** done, but that's just because there are so many guilds. Bring in 40 mans and a lot of guilds will merge and easy get the numbers.