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05.17.2012 , 08:41 PM | #6
Yeah, the key point is quests ARE always an option - the other options being flash points, PvP and/or running around killing random mobs, and that last one is terribad in terms of time vs rewards. If you do all or most of the quests, you'll be more or less on target for where you need to be. If you finish Tatooine at level 25 instead of 28+, you just didn't do all the quests - and that's fine, if you get your experience elsewhere.

I can't stand space crap in this game, but someone here said that was very rewarding - so there's another non-quest option. Although I guess the space missions are quests with the fleet command as the giver, but it's so lame to me I can't consider any of that serious questing.

But yeah, questing alone will always give you enough experience - the game is balanced so a solo quester can beat it. If you really, truly, unimaginably somehow did all the quests on Tatooine and finished 3 levels down (really?!) there's also the Nar Shadaa bonus series which is offered from the fleet (at least on the Imperial side) which a lot of people miss, and that can give you a nice bit of experience.