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If he was removed from the equation, then the war wouldn't have started?...Or do you mean if he was killed before all everyone found out he was the big bad sith?

If the latter, then Anakin would have achieved the rank of jedi master and he wouldn't have fallen to the darkside. Padme would give birth to Luke/Leia, by that time Anakin would have to confront the council about his secret marriage to Padme. Seeing how far Anakin had come, who by this point learned to control his emotions better the council is ok with the marriage as long as the children are taken in for jedi training this being a fair deal the two of them agree and they are sent for training. Meanwhile, the council finds out where General Grevious is hiding and they send Obi-Wan after him and it goes the same as the movies while Anakin is with the 501st liberating other planets from the CIS. Without Sidious being around, the CIS leaders are having a difficult time in making decisions of what to do next.

Later on the leaders of the CIS all go to Mustafar in hiding, the war continues to drag on for a few more years seeing that Anakin was never sent to Mustafar by Palpatine to kill the CIS leaders. At this point, Anakin reached his full potential and has become the most powerful jedi in the galaxy with his son right behind him though not quite there yet. Leia however, decides to quit and go into a more political role following her mother in politics. Eventually, the jedi and Republic find out where the CIS leaders are hiding and they send a large fleet to the planet to ensure that they don't escape.

After a long and brutal battle, the CIS are apprehended by Republic forces and taken to Courscant to stand trial where they are all found guilty and sentenced to executions for crimes committed against the Republic. Luke now has achieved the same level of potential as Anakin, and the jedi order thrives until the sith come around again and a new threat emerges.
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