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Pre-Made Groups:

You will often hear people on the forums complaining about what is often referred to as a "Pre-Made". Ignore their complaints. Those people can't help you. Working as a team in well-organized groups is one of the leading indicators of those who you want to listen to. People who habitually work alone, storm off on lone rambo crusades, or resist working in an organized group-fashion, are doomed to failure. Working as a team is the heart of what SWTOR PvP is based around.
The rambo comment made me giggle

Right now I'm the pvp boss of a very organized pve guild (quite the contradiction, I know). I'm trying to structure my guild to be more pvp oriented but very few seem to be as commited to pvp as I am (most refuse to even get the recruit gear, and its difficult for me to persuade them to exchange their rakata gear for expertise). What would your advice be for leading a premade? In huttball organization is a little better but there isn't much we can do in warzones like voidstar (except splitting in half to call inc's easier).
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