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I never gave him the Money, i gave him the mats. I've done about 20+ HM OPS and have never seen it drop so take your smart comments somewhere else. My post was that this could be a major issue.
It can only be a "major" issue for people who think that sending strangers stuff for free is a good idea. Don't do it!

With that said, I agree it would be very cool if there were some way to ensure that you'd get the item back in return for your mats, but it just isn't possible. E.g., if you set up a trade where you selected a schem and provided the mats, it would require that one of the other player's companions immediately started crafting it (assuming they have a companion free) and that it couldn't be cancelled before being finished and auto-sent to you. I don't think many people would go for that. The other solution is NPC crafters, which defeats the point of player crafting.

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