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Consider your requests added into the "Things to do" list. For every 1 item I add, 5 more things come to mind that should be added, and all I can say is that eventually, I'll have everything, but until then, small steps.

If you want to help me write any specialized sub-guides, I would love to add them. Better yet, if you make a separate post with your guide, I can link your thread to my thread, and organize it accordingly. If you write anything, let me know so I can update accordingly.

EDIT: I won't be adding UI info on this guide, namely because UI's are subjective to the perogative of the user, and vary depending on your keyboard, mouse, visual tastes, etc, etc. I suggest searching the forums for one of the many existing threads on UI's, as there are plenty to review. The forum search engine is a powerful tool that can unlock a great deal of info with even just a single word.

Good luck!
kk thank you
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