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I recently completed the balmora missions and bonus series and going to see if I can put up the balmora guardian outfits on this website. Is there any way to see if anybody already beat me too it.

And didn't a dev once say to complete outfits you have to go to more then one source.Example Bonus series, commendations, heroics and speciality goods.
If you don't see a set there, no one has submitted yet. I am usually pretty quick about putting up new sets people have submitted. Also, for every set we actually need 4 sets of images

1) Imperial female
2) Imperial male
3) Republic female
4) Republic male

So the chance that someone has already submitted what you are about to submit is very very low and even if it is a duplicate of someone else's submissions, we will still take it if it in high res and good lightning conditions because it might offer a different angle/perspective on the armor!