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Hey folks,

I just wanted to clear up some things and let you know that we are listening and that more information regarding Game Update 1.3 will be coming soon. We’re in internal testing on the major features right now, and we’re getting closer every day to deploying Game Update 1.3 to the Public Test Server – but we can’t guarantee there won’t still be hurdles. We’re also working on several new developer blogs about Game Update 1.3 that we know you want to hear more about (including one about character transfer details). We know that you’re looking for specific details, but we want to avoid releasing any information that is incomplete. Rest assured that we are absolutely listening and are working to bring you the information you want.

We appreciate your discussions here on the forums and we’ll try our best to step in wherever we can (and we’re always here reading, gathering your concerns, and passing them on internally), but there will be times when we really can’t say anything. As a result, you’re going to be hearing a lot of “soon” and “we’re working on it” because that’s as specific as we can get right now. When we can get more specific, we will. If we’re quiet, it doesn’t mean we’re not listening and it certainly doesn’t mean we’re not working to bring you more information – our goal is to always bring you accurate information as soon as we can.

Thanks for your patience as our developers continue to work diligently on maintaining the quality of Game Update 1.3 and releasing it to you soon.