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This whole crafting system is screwed up. Sunday i asked someone to make me Exotech Reflex Stims they take 50min to craft, I told them they could COD them to me in case I was on a run. After 3 days i reported them because I never received my items and I got a response of there is nothing they can do about it. There needs to be an option where we the player can craft the item in say 5min.
Why on earth would you report them for this? COD = you don't pay until the item is delivered. So it's not like you actually lost anything or were scammed. (except possibly time) And when you decided it was taking so long you could have simply bought them from somebody else and then declined to purchase them when they came in the mail from the guy who took so long. He may have just forgot, or wrote your name down wrong or something. Maybe a BIT rude on his part, but not something you should report somebody for.