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05.17.2012 , 10:49 AM | #39
The problem is i am a sith jedi (RP) stuff i want a black or dark as i can get HEAVY ROBE WITH HOOD and there are none... we are stuck with spikes and all this crap mechanical gear. BIOWARE .. why cant you put more traditional gear for ppl that want to RP that they are actually or look like they are actually a jedi!??!!? this is ruining my gaming experience and will be a deal breaker if they dont change the armor style they are doing now....

Yes i do see robes for republic side...actually a LOT of different choices for them.??? not us?? seriously Bioware ? this was your idea in solving the balancing issues? cmon you guys were giving a pile of money and you blew it all on voice actors.

If anyone can show me a heavy robe that is PLAIN.. no dumb armor on the soulders but has the dark jedi robe look feel free to link something so i can enjoy the game again.
Its a sad day when you hae to cancel a pre order based on something getting Fixed when it wasnt broken.