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05.17.2012 , 09:56 AM | #1
On Tuesday, my guild went into EC (storymode, but that shouldn’t have a bearing on this), we had a lot of people going to the D3 launch, short on people, had to use alts, etc. anyways, we were going slow. We only managed to get through 3 bosses by the end of raid. Instead of pushing a little further ahead into the last open area before Kephess to get the blackhole commendation chest (filled with droids, stealthies, and guns), we decided to just call it after the minesweeper, and come back to collect the chest + boss.

Well, fast forward to last night. We downed nightmare pilgrim, and decided to use ~1 hour to kill kephess, especially with the sexy +50 buff (which is indeed sexy).

We cleared to the chest (just outside of kephess’ room, across the way), looking to get some blackhole tokens, only to find that the chest is inaccessible to anyone.

Is this a bug? Or working as intended?
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