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There already is a weekly to complete 2 HM FPs and get 6 Black Hole commendations...

So you can get 12 a week without doing any Operations. The first boss of Explosive Conflict is also very easy so most groups should be able to handle it (and then the trash and chest) for another 6. So, 18 a week without actually needing to do any real raiding. I think that is quite enough as you don't need the gear if you aren't trying to do harder content.
That's a bit misleading as the Weekly is to comple a specific 2 HMs viz Kaon and Lost Island which doesn't really help the problem for those wanting a reason to do the other FPs.

It would make other FPs (e.g. the majority) worth running if the weekly was a selection from any HM FP.

And I would strongly dispute the claim that the first bosses in EC are in any way "easy". They are by far harder than any of EV and KPs HM bosses and a group of non-raiders would struggle on them. The only way you can find them "easy" is if you already are a "real" raider and are pretty nicely geared already.

Anywho the OP wasn't specifically referring to Black hole commendations just the idea that all HM FPs should be kept relevant for all level 50s.

As another poster has said at the moment the majority of HM FPs had lost their usefullness to me after only 2 or 3 Story mode EV runs. Even if you are unlucky with drops most people can get a full Columi set by doing a nice, fun, quick EV run in under 90mins so where is the incentive to slog through HM FPs on the off chance the last boss might drop something useful? Especially then considering that HM EV is not a huge step up and drops better gear than anything HM FPs have to offer...