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I'm never rude and constantly ask in general every 2 minutes about flash points and heroics. Unfortunately, I haven't found anyone that wants to do them. If you put something in the game and call it a quest, I don't look at it as optional. My mission will be to do them and if not, I will feel disappointed.

I really don't see the logic in heroic. Maybe have us fight through mobs and our final fight is a boss, that could work. To make every moth strong and elite is ludicrous. I don't want to hear, "skip it for later levels". That's not the point. If the quest is my level, why not do it and get more xp instead of losing xp at later levels?

You don't have to defend bioware, this is not an attack. Just something I don't agree with and think it's quite stupid and doesn't belong. Remember rift and having to fight in rifts? That was a beautiful concept.
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