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For the record, (and no, i dont have a pic...) - it is possible to drop debuff with a Saber Ward or equivalent (+100 def for 3 sec in set gear nad another 9 sec of +50 def).
He refreshes/stacks debuff on you every 3-4? seconds. Debuff lasts 15s.

I have tried this on one ocassion when my OT died. Poped Saber Ward just before he was to refresh debuff (i was watching debuff on my UI and just poped CD on lucky gues, when 1/5 of debuff time was off). With this auto-avoided first refresh and reached around 80% defense or more for next 4 refreshes.
This way I dropped 6 stacks and it made my day.

So it is possible but luck-dependant and only usefull at the end or when your OT is undergeared or dead and you want to keep aggro as long as possible.
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