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05.17.2012 , 02:59 AM | #18
Easiest way we found, if you have Dotting ranged DPS (balance/madness or lethality/dirty fighting or Pyrotech/Assault Specialist merc/commando) is to keep Zorn tanked at the right side outcrop just under the tent, and adjust Toth's position accordingly. This way, the dotting ranged aren't ever in real danger of resfreshing a Dot a dying due to Fearful, as long as they are +30m ranged on the jump. You keep swapping positions and the odds one of them refreshes a Dot inside 30m and gets fearful is increased substantially. And when that happens, 6k a tick reflective will make them unhealable and dead. And if you aren't trying to protect your ranged dotters, they have to throttle back increasing your chance of hitting enrage.
Yo. Droid companions need an operations vendor, too. My extra coms have to go somewhere, and I'd prefer SCORPIO to Kaliyo.