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05.17.2012 , 02:30 AM | #17
Our (WIP) strategy is to kepp everyone where they are - Tanks, DPS and Healers. As we are primarily Melee DPS (all bar 1 at present) this means that melee need to move out of Fearful range around the debuff time. After jump, tank tauints the other Boss, so the Bosses swap sides, nobody else. This just makes things cleaner in terms of keeping the tanks up (no healer swapping).

The problem we have with this strategy is that people will have to tab-target to the other boss (or use Focus Target) after the jump. We've had the unfortunate experience of people forgetting this then nuking themselves (if they got Fearful), meaning we lose our combat res to a silly miskate.

Only tried this encounter for a few hours, but that's our experience so far.