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I always seem to be thinking about things id love to see in the games that I play, especially MMO's, here is a couple things I gave alot of thought about.
Updated post 1.3, added Battlefront style warzone suggestion.
Valid Point to Save Swtor:
Great Suggestions:

Swoop Racing:
  • PvE and PvP Battles, increase in ranks.
  • Fully Customizable Swoop's, Just like your ship, but with even More different parts, and with the ability to repaint your ship, add logos and such.
  • Multiple tracks on different planets, possibly add more with patches just like warzones, possibly get the community to do tons of daily's to unlock a new swoop track.
  • Gambling, Gamble and Watch other players in PvP Matches.
Equipment Examples: Give up a Turret for a Shield Emitter, or vise versa, parts would be like, Multiple Engines, Maneuverability Flaps, Shield Emitters, Mine Bays, Dust/Snow bays to blind a enemy, and turrets.
Kotor Swoop Racing:

Pazzak Mini-Game(Swtor's Blackjack)
  • PvP and PvE Matches (Gain or Lose Credits)
  • Public Leaderboards, win/loss counts of the top players.
Kotor Pazzak Tutorial:

Dejarik Mini-Game(Swtor's Chess)
  • PvP and PvE Matches (Gain or Lose Credits)
  • Public Leaderboards, win/loss counts of the top players.

PvP Space Battles & Ship Improvements
(All Separate Suggestions)
  • Fly your ship during combat, no more autopilot.
  • Instead of getting a ship, buy your own ship from a list of ships, like mounts.
  • Personalize your ship by repainting both the inside and the outside.
  • Buy your own furniture and recolor it for inside the ship.
  • PvP Space Battles, 1v1, 2v2, and more.
  • PvE Space-Flashpoints, go to war on a enemy destroyer or a unidentified alien ship, could possibly add new spaceship gear.

Customize your Vehicles
  • Re-Paint your Vehicles to fit you personally.
  • Cybertecs: Makes Engines & Maneuverability Upgrades
  • Artfice: Makes different color Crystals for Flame colors

Battlefront Style Warzone
Based on the space battles from the star wars Battlefront games.
  • Sabotage the enemy team's ship
  • Fly smaller fighters into battle, destroy enemy ships & capital ship emplacements.
  • Pilot Capital Ship Turrets to shoot down enemy sabotage teams & bombard enemy ship
  • Slowly repair devices on your ship, such as turrets.
Battlefront Example:

Hutt Pitt (Arena)

One major difference between this and WoW, do not base balancing on Arena, if people don't like how its going down, unless its major, ignore them, this would be a (MINI)-Game
  • Fight other players in PvP Combat, 2v2, 3v3, 5v5
  • PvE mode where you solo or bring a few Friends to fight waves of enemy's, see how long you can last!
  • Gamble on other players fighting in the arena, you can't see their names or stats, just team colors.
Example (Skip to 3:20):

Non-Major Suggestions:
  • Button to Hide Each Companion's Helm -Bioware confirmed
  • Signs to show which way class hangers are (When i was new this was anoying)
  • More Activity in planets, like more speeders flying around in Nar Shadda with a graphic ability's, to lessen the amount or increase the amount of flying objects.

All of this would add tons of fun stuff to do & people wouldn't get so bored so quickly, heck, id be playing right now instead of posting this.

Simple MMO Math: More Different Things to do = Content Lasts Longer and Stays Fun Longer