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Note that the death overview window lies about what kills you on this fight. You have to check raw logs. In general, the attack that kills a tank when they have Touch of the Masters will show up just *after* the Death in the raw combat log (not before).

If your death overview says you died to a huge Savage Arcing Slash hit, it is more likely that the tank died to Touch instead. The death overview often mistakenly represents a Touch death as a Savage Arcing Slash for the tanks maximum health.

Here are a couple of things to check for:

Make sure if you transition with the Savage Wound DoT ticking on a tank that you don't have that tank on Kephess following Gift. A tick of Savage Wound will count as damage taken by Touch of the Masters, and your tank will fall over dead. The death overview in chat will lie and attribute this to Savage Arcing Slash.

Make sure you toggle directions of knockbacks. Savage Arcing Slash has a huge frontal range. I don't know if this is a bug or not, but you can get hit by it while kiting and dropping circles even if you are pretty far away. Have your tanks basically alternate using directions, e.g., tank one gets knocked back to the west and drops circles on the west side of the room, tank two gets knocked back to the east and drops circles on the east side of the room, etc.
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