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Im guessing that the person who is getting oneshotted, is a melee? If not, get him far away from the boss. If he IS a melee, tell whoever is targeted by bonetrasher to stand the feck still and take it like a man! We've seen this several times, people running around like scared little kittens because they think they can outrun this boss. Truth is, you cant. Man up, eat that ****, dont kill your team. Follow this recipee, and you're golden!

If this wasnt it, and the melee was standing RIGHT behind him (not to any of the sides, but right behind him),then it's a bug, and should be reported with as many details as possible :-)
The first guy was melee.. I play the 'Whack-a-Mole' guy.. (Healer).. I've done HM on this guy quite a few times.. Not a ton, but more than enough to have gotten the overall feel for the fight, and to have successfully completed it several times. We did have a different mix than normal as with summer approaching more and more people are going AFK from gaming for more active pastimes. (Its pretty standard in all of the guilds I have been a member).. and we are pulling fill ins from other teams if they are available.

As far as the strat, yeah we do the stand still and take it like a man maneuver as well. It is a heck of a lot easier than me trying to chase him down and heal him.

But It just felt off.. So I'm not sure if it is just my perceptions or not.. But like I said quite a few of us were going WTH with some of the deaths.. I did specifically because like I said I was looking at his posterior nether regions while healing and realizing that he looks like a large version of "Jason Alexander" in Shallow Hal with that tail.. lol
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