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Sorry but making it so being can get tier 2 geared (black hole) from tier 1 flashpoints is a terrible idea. The current flashpoints, aside from LI, are meant to get you geared for Tier 1 raiding and they accomplish there goal. I'd be fine with vanity pets or another new mount or something but not tier 2 stuff.
And yet you forget that you can get Black Hole Commendations from content that isn't even in the Tier progression? The Corellia dailies for the weekly are 1-2 mannable, including the Heroic 4, take less than an hour, and give you Black Hole Commendations. That is easier, less work, and more rewarding than Tier 1 Hardmode Flashpoints. I am in a full Rakata/Blackhole mix right now and I absolutely think that this is a good idea IF they add it to the weekly. Getting Black Hole Commendations from the Dailies or per Flashpoint would be a terrible idea but getting 4-6 from the Weekly wouldn't hurt anything and actually get more people running those Hardmodes again so people that are trying to run them for gear can actually have people to run them with.