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The debuff comes from Pummel. I have tried using Deflection (shadow equivalent of your 50% weapon damage cooldown) on that fight, and while it reduces damage, I didn't notice it delaying the debuff in any way. Plasma Leash, btw, is easily avoided if you never get more than 10 meters from the boss when you have agro. So, resist the urge to keep your tanks stationary throughout the fight.

As for the debuff itself, I've never had it be too much of a problem. We have three people solving the puzzle (two weakest DPS and a healer), and they are able to solve the puzzle once every 12-15 seconds. This means that the armor debuffs never get above 3 stacks. In fact, we often have to delay the tank swap, waiting for armor debuffs to subside, rather than swapping on every puzzle activation.

Even with 10 stacks though, you should be able to tank through the damage, at least for a little while. I've solo tanked this boss on hard mode for more than 70% of the fight (judging by HP), and while it was certainly stressful for the healer, we didn't actually lose anyone and were able to successfully down him. The healer and I were a little over-geared for HM though, which was probably what made this possible. Additionally, I'm a shadow tank, which means I have the most survivability *not* tied up in armor of any of the tank classes.
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