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Quote: Originally Posted by WillHolmes View Post
For some reason you seem to be treating the game like its 7 years old. Have some patience.
AND YET AGAIN we have this tiring response to the BW fiasco. He is NOT talking about a game that is 7 years old. He is talking about a company that should have used 7 years of MMO experience in other games and figured out the BASICS of what worked and didn't work and combined them into something fantastic

Seriously - don't call a person with at least a reasonable amount of anger and frustration at BW a noob because they rightly believe that this MMO KILLER as it was announced would have at least taken the time and energy to create a step forward. Anyone who honestly thinks SWTOR has introduced anything novel, unique, or best of breed is dillusional!

I am playing this game and enjoy(ed) playing it but cannot overcome my overwhelming feeling if disapppointment that they simply focused on the wrong things in development and then screwed the operational roll-out so it has a much higher percentage than 50% of being dead in a year than lasting the so called 7 year benchmark.

Plain and simple - it's like the design team completely ignored all the amazing features of other games that could have been incorporated into this game and came out with same-old same-old with a different cover