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What is the preferred rotation on this build? And I can't quite make out the abilities on the bar. If someone could list that out that would be awesome. I wanna use these builds!

Im on my phone so its nigh impossible to make heads or tails of it.
EVERYTHING in pvp is situational and I don't like calling it a "rotation" per say but in a nutshell here's what you want to be using in each spec:
- Shock on energize proc
- Maul on a Duplicity proc
- Death Field when its CD is up.
- Thrash/Assassinate to proc energize.
- Ideally, recklessness/adrenals/relic popped when energize is available/DeathField is ready/and Duplicity is up...= huge burst on your target.

- Shock on 2x Induction stacks
- Maul on Duplicity proc (will proc more often in this spec due to 30% chance)
- Death Field when CD is up
- Thrash/Assassinate to proc Induction and as a filler when you're setting up for burst (next step)
- Ideally, recklessness/adrenals/relic popped when 2 stacks of induction is available/DeathField is ready/discharge is ready and Duplicity is up...= huge burst on your target.